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Welcome to the Asatru Folk Assembly Membership Services Portal

This site is for submitting applications and managing memberships with the Asatru Folk Assembly. All registered members can login to their membership sections. For those new or interested in the AFA please read on! .

What is the Asatru Folk Assembly?

On our main website we have loads of great resources to those new to the indigenous European folk path of Asatru. Specifically we call out five specific resources that we want all prospective members to be familiar with prior to application:

  • Asatru Primer - Start here if you are completely new to Asatru. We ask that everyone understand well at least the first four sections.
  • Declaration of Purpose - This is the core document detailing the purpose of the Asatru Folk Assembly. Basically, what our goal is and why we exist!
  • AFA Mission Statement - Our Mission Statement explains the vision and what we hope to achieve with our organization
  • The Law of the Hall - The Law of the Hall describes the expected behavior for the members of the Asatru Folk Assembly with regard to one another.
  • Statement of Ethics - This document contains the nine principles that we believe that all members of the Asatru Folk Assembly community should be guided by.

Why join the Asatru Folk Assembly?

All members have free access to our private lists and forums, merchandise discounts, networking opportunities, promotional flyers, invitations to events, newsletters, membership card and AFA lapel pin, and more...

At the higher levels, you will receive special offers, an invitation for a private meeting or phone call with Steve McNallen, and free gifts of your choice.(Note: Your dues are tax-deductible, minus the value of any gifts you receive.)

What does your membership fee do for you, and for Asatru?

  • Spread and Strengthen Asatru Nationally & Internationally via our Website and social media development
  • Connect with other Asatruar with our Outreach programs & educational material
  • Gather and Meet other Asatruar at Events funded at the national and regional levels (i.e. Midwest Gatherings -  Ostara in the South 2014,  Midsummer on the West Coast,  local meetups, and so forth)
  • Foster Local Community Building with Leadership development (travel for our Leadership Team to attend conferences & trainings)
  • Invest in Long-term projects such the formation of AFA communities across the country and around the world.
  • Tax Benefits for Supporters  - The AFA is a legally recognized 501c3 Non Profit organization. All of our staffing and leadership positions are volunteer, so all tax deductible donations and membership subscriptsion go back to building more resources to achieve the goals set out in the Declaration of Purpose.

  • Still interested? Join us!

    If you agree to what you have read in the five documents listed above and you are ready to join the Asatru Folk Assembly, then we ask you to please fill out an application for membership. Within the membership you will be presented with different membership subscription options. We offer both annual and monthly plans. Monthly plans may make it easier for thos who want to suppor the AFA at higher levels.

    • Sustaining - $60.00 annually or $5.00 monthly
    • Benefactor - $120.00 annually or $10.00 monthly
    • Premier - $300.00 annually or $25.00 monthly
    • Patron - $600.00 annually or $50.00 monthly

    Be aware that all applications are manually reviewed and in many cases you may receive contact from a folkbuilder or other AFA leadership after your application is reviewed. Standard application processing time is 3 to 5 business days. If there is any problem with your application then your membership subscription will be refunded in full.

    Thank you! Your support helps maintain and grow our visionary, relevant, and effective organization!